My Book

I’ve been asked countless times to explain what combination of truths were so powerful that they convinced me, a staunch atheist attorney, to abandon everything I previously thought true. My upcoming book answers that question. It also investigates the story those truths tell. It wasn’t my original intention to write a book.  And, of course, I don’t have all the answers. But as I observed the difficulties many people both inside and outside the church are having, I longed to reach out and help.

I’ve learned during my time as a believer how the numbers of people questioning the existence of God are growing. Some people are disconnecting from their search for truth altogether. Many on college campuses hear their professors declaring that no singular truth exists—everything is relative.  As a result, they’re leaving the church in unprecedented numbers. A LifeWay Research survey conducted in 2007 indicated 70 percent of young adults who attended church in high school stopped attending in college. In 2009, the American Research Group found that 89 percent of those attending church in high school left shortly after graduation.

Why? Many of today’s teenagers believe the explanations they receive about God’s Word are too simplistic and repetitive. These messages fail to explain how the Scriptures speak to the difficult issues they face in life each day. Without understanding how the Gospel fits into everyday life, increasing numbers of young people label what they were taught in youth group as fairy tales. After waiting for answers that never come, belief gives way to skepticism.

Yet despite their confusion, I’ve found that people of all ages are expressing a deep hunger to make sense of the huge amount of information, relationships, and opportunities they face in life. Whether young or old, people yearn for information that fits the puzzle pieces of life together. They desire to better understand how the painful and complex features of their lives work in light of the Gospel. People demand answers to difficult questions such as:

  • Considering God’s infinite powers, why is there so much pain in the world?
  • Why are we subjected to the schemes of the enemy?
  • If there is a God, why doesn’t He reveal Himself in more direct ways?

Considering that these are a few of the questions I addressed during my journey to faith, I confront these needs in The Beckoning by explaining what my research revealed concerning these situations and how I reacted to it. I also show what changed my mind about the existance of God and how He became a reality to me.

After reading the book, readers will be equipped to better understand themselves within the big picture of life, and therefore, address the complex choices they face. The Beckoning offers a lay-level contemporary message for those harboring questions concerning matters of faith including people young in their faith, those returning to faith, as well as mature believers who desire to better understand the integrated nature of Christian beliefs.

After the release date is set by the publisher, I will provide more details concerning what you can look forward to in the book.